Nebraska Rx Card Testimonials

I came across the Nebraska Rx Card program at our local drug store and was able to save $22.00 on my prescriptions. I think this program is a great way for people to save. I just want to say thank you for the help and I will continue to use the program.

Susan B.
Omaha, NE

I just used my Nebraska Rx Card for the first time and was shocked when I checked out. I saved $54 dollars on two prescriptions. I just lost my health insurance and this could not have come at a better time. Thanks.

Seth F.
Lincoln, NE

I used my Nebraska Rx Card for a prescription and saved $37.58, a 65% savings. I was able to go out for dinner with the savings. It was great to not have to jump through any hoops or do anything special ��� just hand them the card and save. This card rocks!

Bruce M.
Omaha, NE

I work for an OB-GYN clinic and many of the prescriptions that we issue are not covered, even for our patients who have insurance. From the time the Nebraska Rx Card has been made available to us, they are disappearing quickly out of our clinic! Our patients have come back very happy that this program has made their prescriptions more affordable.

Omaha, NE

I am an office manager for a clinic in central Nebraska, and was paying $330.00 a month for medication. I heard about the Nebraska Rx Card so I went online to check it out. I printed one off the front page of the website and brought it to my pharmacy to see what my discount would be. The Nebraska Rx Card dropped the price of my medication from $330.00 to $60.00 a month! That is a large savings for me over the course of a year, and would help pay for a nice vacation.

Terri L.
Omaha, NE

I work for a chiropractic clinic as the receptionist. We do not prescribe prescriptions ourselves, but after talking to the Nebraska Rep, I decided I should make this card available to our patients that I knew needed help. I myself needed to get a prescription filled and my husband is self-employed so we have to pay out of pocket. I decided to use the card and it saved me $30.00. It dropped the cost from $160.00 down to $130.00. I am absolutely sold on this program and I am telling everyone about it. Thank you, Nebraska Rx Card.

Omaha, NE

I went to Hy-Vee and filled a script that my insurance does not cover, so I tried your card. The NE Rx card saved me 60% off what I would normally pay. I think that is AWESOME and I am spreading the word to all my friends. Thank you!

Jenny J.
Omaha, NE